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There are many uses for sheds

When you think about sheds, you’re likely to think of a small wooden building which is used for the storage of garden tools. Whilst this is a perfectly good for a shed, there are many other possible uses: a place to enjoy hobbies, a potting shed, a kennel for dogs or even a playhouse for children.

Sheds designed for purpose

Up above we mentioned that some of our sheds are playhouses for children, and the first thought anyone will have about that is ‘I’m concerned for my child’s safety’. You needn’t worry: our sheds are all designed with a purpose in mind. So playhouses are coated in suitable preservatives and made to a child’s dimensions, dog kennels are treated to keep pests at bay and potting sheds have elements of a greenhouse.

Sheds to suit all gardens

A shed isn’t just about function: form is important too. Your new shed has to fit in with the personality of your garden. At our showroom in Chesterfield, we’ve got lots of different styles for this very reason.

Take a look at some examples

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